• Sound Storm SX310 2/3 Way Car Electronic Crossover with Remote Subwoofer Control

    Sound Storm SX310 2/3 Way Car El... $32.03 Amazon

    The Sound Storm Electronic Crossover with Remote Subwoofer Level Control (3 Way) tells your tweeters when to tweet and your woofers when to woof. The SX310 is a 3-way electronic crossover with...

  • Clarion MCD360 2/3 Way Crossover

    Clarion MCD360 2/3 Way Crossover $99.94 Amazon

    3-way Elec Crossover

  • hifonics HFXR Hide Away 2 Or 3-Way Crossover

    hifonics HFXR Hide Away 2 Or 3-W... $45.21 Amazon

    Front channel high-pass frequency: 32-400Hz in the x1 position, 640-8,000Hz in the x20 position

  • BOSS Audio BX35 3 Way Pre-Amp Car Electronic Crossover

    BOSS Audio BX35 3 Way Pre-Amp Ca... $37.44 Amazon

    The BOSS Audio BX35 has been designed and built to deliver excellent sound quality and long lasting high performance. We are sure you'll enjoy listening to your favorite music with this BOSS...

  • Kicker Kx3 Car Audio Premium Quality Crossover 3 Way 20X Multiplier (03KX3) (Renewed)

    Kicker Kx3 Car Audio Premium Qua... $59.99 Amazon

    Two sets of inputs 3 pairs of outputs (lows/mids/highs or front/rear/sub) Level controls Front outputs: variable 40-300 Hz (18 dB per octave) or 700-8000 Hz (with 20X multiplier) Rear outputs:...

  • Planet Audio EC10B 2-Way Electronic Crossover With Remote Subwoofer Control

    Planet Audio EC10B 2-Way Electro... $36.74 Amazon

    How A Crossover Is Used The Planet Audio EC10B two-way electronic crossover is a high-fidelity signal processor that allows you to customize the low level output of your input source (such as a...

  • NEW AUDIOPIPE XV-3XP 3-WAY Electronic Crossover With Line Driver + Bass Knob

    NEW AUDIOPIPE XV-3XP 3-WAY Elect... $42.51 Amazon

    Audiopipe Variable 3-Way Crossover

  • Upgraded 3-Way Electronic Audio Crossover - Network Hi-Pass and Low-Pass Channel 12dB Octave Slope Power LED Indicator w/Remote Subwoofer Control and Parallel Input Switch - Lanzar Vibe VIBEX6

    Upgraded 3-Way Electronic Audio ... $34.99 Amazon

    3-Way Electronic Crossover Hi-Pass Crossover: 32Hz-800Hz For Front & Rear Channels X10 Frequency Multiplier For Front Channel Low-Pass Crossover: 50Hz-160Hz For Subwoofer Channel 18dB Per Octave...

  • Hifonics HFXR 3-Way Active Crossover With Remote + 17' + 6' RCA Cables

    Hifonics HFXR 3-Way Active Cross... $57.95 Amazon

    Features: Hifonics HFXR 2 Way/3 Way Active Crossover Wired Bass Remote Included 2 channel or 4 channel X-Over with 8.5 volt line driver Select 2- or 4-channel inputs with input switch Direct...

  • DS18 DS-XM3 Two-to-Three Way Electronic Crossover with Remote Control

    DS18 DS-XM3 Two-to-Three Way Ele... $53.85 Amazon

    Full power and control means adding the right processor to your system. The 7-band graphic equalizer with selectable main and auxiliary inputs, subwoofer-level controls, line-level outputs, and...

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