DIVINE DUALITY $6.47 Amazon

    This book demonstrates a revolutionary type of healing work between men and women, known as gender reconciliation. Based on 15+ years of development, this process has created remarkable results...

  • Conflict for Space: A Focus on Identity Duality

    Conflict for Space: A Focus on I... $4.24 Amazon

    This book argues that a sense of affinity for land and space constitutes the foundation of human agency and underlies all social activity of human beings from a personal level to family, nation,...

  • The Eternal Conflict: The complete unified theory of physics based on the universal duality and the inherent conflict between the primary force of Chaos and the primary force of Order

    The Eternal Conflict: The comple... $16.31 Amazon

    Everything within the known universe, from animals and planets to electrical energy and subatomic particles can be grouped within either the Physical Realm of Chaos or the Ethereal Realm of Order....

  • Conflict of Duality

    Conflict of Duality $100.00 Amazon

    Conflict of Duality

  • Bullying and Behavioural Conflict at Work: The Duality of Individual Rights (Oxford Monographs on Labour Law)

    Bullying and Behavioural Conflic... $51.13 Amazon

    In an empirical study of the interaction between law, adjudication, and conflicts about behavior in the workplace, Lizzie Barmes analyses how labor and equality rights operate in practice in the...

  • Moment of Truth

    Moment of Truth $38.98 Amazon

    10 compact discs. Full of non-stop suspense, New York Times best-selling author Lisa Scottoline's Moment of Truth marks the return of one of her most popular characters, Mary DiNunzio. Mary is a...

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