• WAC Lighting 9300-TRN-SS WAC Transformer 300W Magnetic Landscape Lighting Power Supply in Stainless Steel, Max

    WAC Lighting 9300-TRN-SS WAC Tra... $199.98 Amazon

    Wac landscape lighting magnetic power supplies are 12V AC to support the entire line of 12V landscape lighting products, including accent, flood, well, indicator, submersible, 12V tape light, step...

  • Gardener's Supply Company Landscape Watering Snip-n-Drip Soaker System

    Gardener's Supply Company Landsc... $44.89 Amazon

    Protect your landscape investments! With our Landscape Snip-n-Drip Soaker System you can apply water just where you want it — and not where you don't. No special tools required — just use scissors...

  • LightingWill Waterproof IP67 LED Power Supply Driver Transformer 60W 110V AC to 12V DC Low Voltage Output with 3-Prong Plug 3.3 Feet Cable for Outdoor Use

    LightingWill Waterproof IP67 LED... $24.99 Amazon

    About LightingWill LightingWill is established since 2009. Professional LED manufacture, specially in LED lighting products and accessories. The objective of Lightingwill is to offer superior...

  • ROC-Kloth, Brown, 4' x 50' Heavy Duty Fabric Weed Mat

    ROC-Kloth, Brown, 4' x 50' Heavy... $39.95 Amazon

    Weed Barrier Pro is a super-tough, 3-1/2 oz. polypropylene fabric weed mat, strong and specially designed for use beneath bark mulch, crushed stone, gravel, or paving stones. Similarity in color to...

  • TDC Power DA-120-12W-1 Transformer 12v 120w Max Landscape Lighting Power Supply

    TDC Power DA-120-12W-1 Transform... $49.99 Amazon

    TDC Power DA-120-12W-1 Transformer 12v 120w Max Landscape Lighting Power Supply is a low voltage outdoor lighting transformer designed specifically for high-performance low voltage landscape...

  • Ashman 150 Pack 6 Inch Galvanized Garden Stakes and Landscape Staples: Sod and Fence Stake - Sturdy Rust Resistant Gardening Supplies for Anchoring Landscaping, Weed Barrier Fabric and Ground Cover

    Ashman 150 Pack 6 Inch Galvanize... $15.80 Amazon

    Astounding quality without compromising price and value is the hallmark of this tremendous offer. We understand the psyche of productivity and thus can empathize why customers require the right...

  • Pearlight LED Power Supply 200w DC 12v,Ac90-130V Driver Transformer Waterproof IP67 Suitable for LED Strip Light ,LED Module and Other Outdoor DC Led Lightings

    Pearlight LED Power Supply 200w ... $53.00 Amazon

    Dc Voltage: 12V Rated Current: 16.6A Current Range: 0-16.6A Rated Power: 200W Ripple&Noise(Max): 200mV Setup,Rise Time: 100ms/110VAC Hold Up Time: 80ms/110VAC Frequency Range: 47~60Hz Voltage...

  • Malibu LED 200 Watt Low Voltage Transformer Power Pack with Digital Timer and Photo Eye

    Malibu LED 200 Watt Low Voltage ... $74.92 Amazon

    LED Malibu 8100-0200-01 200watt outdoor transformer with digital timer and photo eye for DIY outdoor landscape lighting applications. Replaces 8100-9200-01

  • Moonrays 95433 300-Watt Power Pack with Sensor and Weather Shield for Low Voltage Landscape Lighting, Durable Rainproof Metal Case, Digital and Photocell Operated, Automated with Adjustable Settings

    Moonrays 95433 300-Watt Power Pa... $92.80 Amazon

    This convenient control box makes it easy to coordinate your landscape lighting. With a sensor that tracks the onset of dawn and dusk, the box can be programmed to automatically turn the lights on,...

  • Gardener's Supply Company Additional Snip-n-Spray Sprinklers, Set of 2

    Gardener's Supply Company Additi... $8.89 Amazon

    These additional sprinklers allow you to expand your Snip-n-Spray Garden and Landscape Sprinkler System, up to a maximum of five sprinklers per sprinkler system. Performs best on water systems with...

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