• Star Plus 50-Pound Bucket of Swimming Pool/Spa 3-Inch Wrapped Chlorinating Tablets, 50 lbs

    Star Plus 50-Pound Bucket of Swi... $109.73 Amazon

    Keep your swimming pool and spa water clean and fresh with these Stabilized 3" Pool Chlorine Tablets. A favorite among customers, the 3" Tri-Chlor option is the ideal size for automatic chlorine...

  • Poolmaster 22211 Smart Test 4-Way Swimming Pool and Spa Water Chemistry Test Strips, 50 count

    Poolmaster 22211 Smart Test 4-Wa... $7.06 Amazon

    Poolmaster's Swimming Pool Collections consist of the essential must-have products for customary pool and spa maintenance, constructed with durable materials designed to keep your pool sparkling....

  • Clorox Pool&Spa pH Up 4 lb

    Clorox Pool&Spa pH Up 4 lb $7.88 Amazon

    Clorox Pool&Spa pH up raises the pH of acidic pool water that has a low pH level. Balancing your pool water ensures that it has an optimal pH level, including total alkalinity & Mineral content...

  • Clorox Pool&Spa Super Water Clarifier 32 oz

    Clorox Pool&Spa Super Water Clar... $9.88 Amazon

    Clorox Pool&Spa Super Water Clarifier 32 oz.

  • Clorox Pool&Spa 23006CLXCA Xtra Blue Chlorinating Granules 6-Pound

    Clorox Pool&Spa 23006CLXCA Xtra ... $23.84 Amazon

    Clorox Pool&Spa XtraBlue Chlorinating Granules protect against algae and bacteria for water that stays clean, clear & free of visible algae. Protected against sunlight to last longer.

  • CLOROX Pool&Spa pH Down, 5-Pound 10005CLX

    CLOROX Pool&Spa pH Down, 5-Pound... $7.88 Amazon

    Clorox Pool&Spa pH Down safely lowers pH level of pool water. You need to maintain your pool water pH levels and total alkalinity for the comfort and safety of users and for other pool products to...

  • Essieny Pool Test Strips, 6-Way Swimming Pool and Spa Test Strips for Hot Tubs-Total Chlorine, Free Chlorine/Bromine, pH, Total Alkalinity, Cyanuric Acid, Total Hardness, 50 Count

    Essieny Pool Test Strips, 6-Way ... $8.99 Amazon

    FeatureOne Kit can analyze 6 chemical factors of water quality▶PH: Low pH results in skin & eye irritation and a high pH causes long term damage to your pool and equipment.▶Total Chlorine: Having...

  • Clorox Pool&Spa XtraBlue 3 Long Lasting Chlorinating Tablets 25 lb

    Clorox Pool&Spa XtraBlue 3" Long... $67.01 Amazon

    Clorox pool amp, spa xtrablue 3" long lasting tablets protect against algae & bacteria for water that stays clean, clear & amp, free of visible algae.

  • Rx Clear Stabilized Granular Chlorine | One 25-Pound Bucket | Use As Bactericide, Algaecide, and Disinfectant in Swimming Pools and Spas | Slow Dissolving and UV Protected

    Rx Clear Stabilized Granular Chl... $84.96 Amazon

    Compared to Pace, Bioguard and Sun the Rx Clear brand provides the same performance at a much lower cost.Item Details:25 pound bucket of granular chlorineRx Clear granular chlorine is 99% sodium...

  • Clorox Pool&Spa Shock XtraBlue 6 Pack (1 lb Bottles)

    Clorox Pool&Spa Shock XtraBlue 6... $29.99 Amazon

    Clorox Pool&Spa shock XtraBlue will shock, oxidize, buffer & clarify your pool's water. It also kills bacteria & contains blue algae killing crystals. With the easy pour bottle, Use what you need &...

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